I’m pretty sure everyone is thinking that I have lost my mind since this. If nothing else, I excel in weird.

With that I give you the Save Our Cow Plants Foundation. It’s zoned as a library…and as brainstrip said, “A library with cow plants sounds safe.” It was built on an empty 20x30 lot so there are a few places it could go. It’s a pretty simple build much like it’s TS3 counterpart, the Save Our Cow Plants Rehabilitation Center…yea, I’ve been at this cow plant thing a while.

I haven’t figured out how to use hashtags yet with gallery so you are going to have to find me under my Origin ID: jorghahaq


I present you Gus’ signature facepaint from TS3: The Thunder!

It’s the edited version I made for my simself in TS3, so it’s not an exact replica. It has 8 colour swatches (red, yellow, orange, green, magenta, blue, white, and black), and it’s located under facepaint make-up of course. It doesn’t have filters for Formal and Athletic (I think), so yeah… always try disabling filters when using CC make-up and such.




Another entry into the Sims International Film Festival…Urban Safari. This is the one that everyone has been seeing outtake photos of with Chaos. Again, it’s Sept 15 in parts of the world and I am impatient.

Be sure to watch it all the way to the end. The chipmunk segment is my favorite. I’m already planning episode two of this ;)




More than 1500 of you guys! o____O


No, ok, for real now: while I’m still amazed to see so many of you, I’m VERY glad to have you here! *____* THANK YOU for all the likes, comments, reblogs and lovely messages you sent me in these last few weeks… you’re all amazing! <3 <3 <3 So, to celebrate, here are some gifts! ^____^ They’re for TS4 only, but don’t worry, I’m planning to make some stuff for TS3 as well ^__^ if stuff doesn’t keep exploding on me, that is

Anyway *_* Here’s a list of what you’re getting:

Attitude Adjustment: EA “Long Wavy Shaved” hair converted for males and retextured… also with a whole new scalp texture! ^_^ I wanted the hair to actually look half-shaved, so I slapped some TS3 scalp textures on it, added some editing… et voilà! :D Mind you, I still need to figure out a lot of things about texture editing, so you may notice that the scalp texture has some little issues: with lighter hair, especially on close ups, you can see some tiny lines where the old “shaved” hair texture was. It’s nothing terrible (I mean, you have to look really close to see it) but it’s there. Credit to Pooklet for the textures and colors (which you can see in the swatch), and to EA for the scalp.

Attitude Adjustment - Female Replacement: same hair as before, female edition. The texture here replaces EA’s, so if you have any other replacement of EA’s half shaved hair, remove it before installing this. One thing to know about this hair: in CAS, the female scalp looked a little “shiny” to me (kinda like it was reflecting light), something that didn’t seem to happen with males in CAS. In game, the hair looked just fine. I guess it has to do with the issues with EA’s shader and its crappy way of rendering alphas. Anyway, I tested the hair in my game and had no troubles whatsoever (I didn’t edit the hair mesh, after all, it’s just the texture). As usual, if you experience issues with this or the other file, please let me know and I’ll try to fix it!

Prelude - Male Lips Replacement v. 1.0: sooooo… this was a little experiment of mine which turned out rather nice :D It’s a default replacement that changes the texture of EA’s default lips for males. Works for teens to elders. It’s still not perfect (hence “version 1.0”): there are some little things I’m planning to fix in the future, like these crappy black spots inside the mouth, but so far I like how these look, so I decided to share them anyway, in case anyone wants to use them ^_^ Credit to Bruno and Ephemera for the textures!
Note: these will conflict with Lightfire’s male lip replacements. You can safely use all their other face texture replacements (female lips, noses for both genders, eyes for both genders and so on), but, as with any other default replacement, you can not have two male lip replacers!

Another Brick In The Wall Add-ons: four more recolors to go with my conversion of Tealeaf’s Brick eyes ^__^ these are all non-default, which means that you will see four more additional eye swatches appearing in your game after you install these. For both males and females, all ages. You will find separate color packages and an “all in one” version in the folder, so you can choose what you prefer ^_^

Phew, I think that’s all! :D You can…





Well, here it is. My music video entry for the Sims International Film Festival. Am I releasing this early? Depends on how you look at it. Films premier Sept 15…it’s the 15th in some parts of the world already and I’m impatient.

Toxic Dream doing Anywhere But Here by Five Finger Death Punch (featuring Maria Brink from In This Moment).




SIFF movies open Monday! Grab some popcorn and come out and show your support! I have actually entered three machinima projects. Urban Safari, a Toxic Dream video for the Five Finger Death Punch song, Anywhere But Here (the version with Maria Brink from In This Moment helping out on vocals), and the TS4 machinima that has already been released for the Save Our Cow Plant Foundation.

Voting is currently open for movie posters, movie trailers and bands! I would seriously appreciate the support.