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I never intended to remake this house. Building the original in TS3 was a major exercise in aggravation and wasn’t one I ever wanted to repeat. Then brainstrip happened. Gus has a way of doing that. He wanted a large house, with as much to do as possible in it, for the Simatography Staff Sims (say that three times fast) and asked me to build it. This came after he asked if the last house I built (the Artists Retreat with 2 bedrooms) was their new home. Like 6 sims were going to fit in that. His original idea was to have peacemaker-ic and I build the house together. Letting that idea come into fruition would not get something built. Grated, he’s the reason my building skills as a whole have  improved but, yea, that’s not something that would be a good idea. We can work on many things together happily with very minimal creative differences, but building…no good can come of that.

My first thought was to show Gus the TS3 BC house.  It was big enough and he liked it so I rebuilt it with TS4 for the Simatography Staff. This means that what was originally a garage area is now a giant study/office with 6 desks and computers. That might be a bit overkill for most people so I really expect things changed if people use it. There are 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, art/music room (work bench outside on the lanai), fenced in courtyard, home gym, observatory , a Build Your Own Rocketship out of Household Appliances Kit, and a small fenced in area for a small harvestable garden. Second floor balcony. If you remember the original TS3 house there was an area with a lattice overhang on the balcony. The was removed because there was no way to make the lattice overhang that I could see so it was turned into another bedroom area where the cabana could be turned into a home gym. It’s not like I can put in a pool. 50 x 50 lot. Total cost: $256,246.

You can find it in the gallery. Origin ID: Jorghahaq

Yay! The Simatography Staff has a new -and awesome- home! It really shows th effort you put into this, Georga! I love it! :)




Due to work, I had very little time to finish some of my building WIPs. Now that my short-term contract is up for that job, I got a little spare time to finish them. This one was inspired by the red siding that came with the game and to also test out the roofing and to see what I could do with it. So this is what came out from that. 

It’s a traditional colonial design with a gambrel roof capping off a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, contemporary interior house. There is an activity room, open-plan kitchen/diner, and an open office with music room. It is for those that like classic design, but with a contemporary twist. 

You can find it in the gallery by searching for my Origin ID: peacemaker_ic or the hashtag #VermilionColonial, #PeacemakerIC, or #SimsationalDesigns. Check out the map picture for the location this house was built for, however you can place it on any 30x40 lots.

Someone is full of Sim gifts this weekend….

Stop, Peacy! Ok no. :3



This is a busy weekend for sharing creations. There was my followers gift of 6 items yesterday, and now for my first TS4 CAS creation! This is actually out of my comfort zone, but I really wanted the female Pompadour hair for guys. I actually found one that was converted, but seeing it in-game, it was just too high (EA loves poofy hair). So I decided to convert it myself and edit it to be a bit lower. The process of converting shorter hairs actually requires optional importing into Milkshape to fix tiny issues like the back of the neck and the forehead/cheek area due to the different shape of female and male heads. So it was a little extra work, but looks awesome in my game and is one of my fave hairs now.

This hair features:

  • basegame compatibility
  • comes with all 18 basegame hair colours
  • fully hat-compatible
  • comes with 10 additional hair colours 

                - Blonde: strawberry, dirty, and platinum

                - Brown: medium-dark, medium, and light

                - Misc: white, purple, green, and blue

There are 2 separate downloads for this hair, the package containing the mesh and basegame textures, and an additional package for the 10 recolours. You need the mesh file for the addon colours to work. So if you want all the colours, download both files, if you just want the basegame colours, you only need the one package. The archives also contain the colour preview images for reference.


Download Sleek Pompadour: Mediafire | Onedrive


Download Addon Colours: Mediafire | Onedrive


Did you guys know Peacy is awesome? This is the evidence!